The Park of complex “Pop Hariton” has an area of 14 thousand square meters. Here you can familiarize yourself with the many shrubby and ligneous species. Over the next 5 years, we have the ambition gradually, to turn it into a botanical garden. Often from the terrace of the complex, you can see the exquisite figure of doe or red deer. In the sky can watch the proud flight of eagles and falcons. In the Park, you can see wild boar, marten, wildcat, squirrel, hare and more. The romance will be complete when coupled with close to your heart people hear the song of the nightingale, titmouse on which chime in black bird, cuckoo, woodpecker and other native birds. In the park wеre built three summer-houses and several areas with benches and trellises, arranged with creeping plants.

Our team loves the natural flowers that you can see around the water spot, in cachepots inside the building and on the terrace. A secure stairway will take you to the scenic Dryanovska river, passing 60 meters at the foot of our complex. It is a good place for anglers to try their luck, or to organize a picnic, sunbathing and other entertainments.